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Begin writing your essay by introducing your reader to yourself.

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Describe where you live and your family, and provide a physical description of yourself. To make your introduction catchy and interesting, avoid listing these details as if you're just answering a series of questions. Working them into physical descriptions of your life can make this information more interesting. For instance, if you're 17, you might introduce your age by saying: "We moved into this squat brick house 15 years ago -- two years after I was born.

You can also use a picture of yourself -- a literal self-portrait -- as an image to begin your essay. Find a picture of yourself from your past, and describe what that picture shows about you. For instance, if your picture shows you when you were upset, you might say that you can remember being sad when you were a child, but you can't quite remember why.

A photo essay on self-actualization, self-elucidation, and political retrograde.

This can be an excellent way of bringing in your reader and beginning to discuss how you have or haven't changed over time. The body of your essay should explore the aspects of yourself you decided to write about.

For each aspect, pick two or three events from your life and write a paragraph for each. If you want to show your determination, for instance, you might describe a time that you ran all the way to school when your bus didn't come.

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If you hold steadfast to your opinions, you could describe a long political argument you had with your family, and the mixture of pride and anger you felt afterward. These events will show your personality and give you the opportunity to describe physical locations and actions, which will make your self-portrait feel more real to your reader. In addition to using events from your life to illustrate your personality, describe yourself using objects from your life. If you're an avid reader, spend part of your essay describing the large bookshelves in your room.

If you're meticulous about your hobbies, use an image of a plant that you keep on your windowsill. The conclusion paragraph of your essay should tie your paper together.

Essay: Van Gogh’s “Self-Portrait” (1887) at the Art Institute of Chicago

It should draw on the aspects of your personality and the events in your life that you've described and ask where you're going in the future, or what you feel about yourself now that those events are in the past. Don't summarize or restate the items you've already described. Instead, tie them together or build on them.

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For instance, if you described making art in the past, talk about how you hope to rediscover your creativity. If you know you'll have to deal with ideas you don't agree with in the future, write how you think you'll handle them. Alternatively, conclude your essay by restating the details from your introduction in a different light. And I wear it. I am not eager to singularize myself.

Why was anonymity a useful tool for Magritte in his work of the s and s?

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It offered, I would suggest, an effective means of destabilizing his audience by challenging the typical patterns of engagement for artist and viewer. No one would dispute that originality and subjectivity were central to the tradition of modern painting that Magritte entered into. By shedding any claim to individuality and thus subjectivity, Magritte declined to present himself as a motivating force behind his images.

Try to use me as an interpretive key, Magritte seems to say, and you will be led to an empty place, a hollow source. The curious possibility that a painting of a generic figure might become a portrait after the fact defies any logic of meaning-making in which artistic intention is primary.

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But it was hardly foreign to Magritte. However, one can hope that this model will try to resemble its portrait. He fashioned himself an anonymous artist in the studio, and then, reversing the mirror, he made himself a model of anonymity. Tickets Search.

By Caitlin Haskell , April Notes For essential aid in research I thank Alex Zivkovic. A complete census of the bowler figures would also include their appearances on painted bottles and in collage, as well as the use of the hat as a sculptural object.

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Mary D. David Sylvester, ed. Five self-portraits have been identified in oil and two in gouache. My translation. Alexander Iolas, quoted in David Sylvester, ed.