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Also includes a lots of questions statewise to prepare you better for upcoming exams and interviews. In the current scenarios, it is very important to know what is going on in the world. Most people will be confused between routine business and general knowledge. The current case is totally different from that of GK.

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Current affairs are related to daily happenings. This will change frequently, but general knowledge is something different. This is the category that gives you complete up-to-date information. If you want to get a job in the government institutions, we offer quality solutions. Try here and get the job. In all public exams, general knowledge questions are very common and tough. It is better to have knowledge about this.

You are the Superintendent of Police SP in the district where instances of honour killing are rampant. Moreover, the local police station is not filing the FIR or granting them protection. On further inquiry, you come to know that the girl is the daughter of one of the most powerful Minister of the State and both girl and boy are legally eligible to get married.

The family is concerned about the family prestige due to the lower caste of the boy and also of the financial stability of marriage as they both are unemployed. You are under extreme political pressure to charge the boy of kidnapping the girl or else face the consequences. In such circumstances, point out the ethical dilemma faced by you and options available to you. Also, chalk out the course of action you would prefer to follow. Examine the reasons and situations that lead to a conflict of interest for a public servant and ways to resolve them. What do you understand by ethical governance and examine how is it different from good governance?

GK is essential for every exam!

Discuss the environmental and strategic importance of the Arctic region for India. What were the major consequences of the disintegration of the Soviet Union for countries like India?

What were the key objectives of the Self Respect Movement? Critically evaluate the success of this movement. True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. He who can listen to music in the midst of noise can achieve great things. You are District Magistrate of a flood-prone district.

The flood control department has allocated forty crore rupees for building embankments in the low lying area of the river bed. There have been various complaints from locals over the delay in project completion, violations of rules and misuse of funds by the nexus of politicians and contractors. This has led to the submergence of many villages in floodwater and thousands of people are trapped in the villages.

The villages are completely cut off and there is a scarcity of food and drinking water. Due to water stagnation, there is also a risk of epidemic spread in the region. There is huge discontent and protest over the allegation of corruption against the local politician. As he is a popular face of ruling political party in the state, there is severe pressure from political heads to cover the corruption issue. Defying the orders of political bosses will bring wrath towards you and may also lead to transfer.

As a District Magistrate what will be your course of action to manage the situation in the district. Identify the various dimensions of the crisis involved in the issue. Based on your understanding, suggest measures to deal with the crisis. The needs of development must be balanced with that of climate justice. A long-essay answer will not receive full credit by simply reporting information.

Therefore, be on your guard for questions that start out with the verbs "identify" or "describe. Step Two : Organize the Evidence Identify what you know about the question and organize your information by making a brief outline of what you know. Write your outline in the test booklet. List facts pertaining to the question to help organize your thoughts.

ESSAY PAPER: UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination – 12222

Ask yourself, do I have enough evidence to support my thesis? It is obviously not very productive to select an essay or take a position that you cannot support. The direction for the long-essay may give clear directions on the formation of the thesis, such as "support, modify, or refute" an interpretation. Step Four : Write the Introductory Paragraph Be sure to include these three elements: The setting, time, and place by providing the background or historical context for the question or your thesis.

The thesis statement. Step Five : Write the Supporting Paragraphs and Conclu sion The number and length of the supporting paragraphs forming the body of the essay should vary depending on the thesis not necessarily 5 paragraphs! To receive the highest possible AP score, you must explain how specific historical evidence is linked to your thesis. Each essay will also have a targeted historical thinking skill, which should shape one argumentation and choice of evidence. Breaking down the process into manageable a nd sequential steps is one key for improvement. Peer evaluation and self-evaluation both help students internalize the elements of an effective essay and learn ways to improve.

Medieval India: Previous Years’ Questions with Solutions – HISTORY AND GENERAL STUDIES

Write essays in the third person, not 1st person "I," "we". Use specific words.

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Define or explain key terms. Communicate awareness of the complexity of history.

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Anticipate counterarguments. Remain objective. Communicate the organization and logical development of your argument. Focus on the thesis in the conclusion. Assume your reader is an idiot. Keep your eye on the ball… Are you answering what is being asked?