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You should always be ready to structure your thoughts and defend your point of view on this subject. Why not practice with our list of essay topics about gender equality? How do you like our gender equality topics? When you pick one of these topics, you should start your research. If you have any difficulties with your homework, our expert writers are always ready to help you. Our service has one of the lowest pricing policies on the market. Why is gender equality higher in developed countries?

Is equality the cause or the result of the development? Would humanity be more developed today if gender stereotypes never exited? Can a woman be a good politician? Why or why not?

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What are the main arguments of antifeminists? Are they justified? Would our society be better if more women were in power? Analytical Gender Equality Topics How do gender stereotypes in the sports industry influence the careers of athletes? What changes have American women made in the social and economic sphere? How can young people fix gender equality issues? Why do marketing specialists keep taking advantage of gender stereotypes in advertising? How does gender inequality hinder our society from progress?

What social problems does gender inequality cause? How does gender inequality influence the self-image of male adolescents?

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Why is the concept of feminism frequently interpreted negatively? Argumentative Essay Topics About Gender Equality in Art and Literature Theory of gender in literature: do male and female authors see the world differently? Pick one book and analyze it in the context of gender. Compare and contrast how gender inequality is described in L. Do modern romance novels for teenagers help to break gender stereotypes, or do they enforce them?

Compare and Contrast Gender Roles Essays

Gender equality changes through Disney animation films. Analyze the scenarios of Disney animation films from the very beginning. Describe how the overall mood in relation to female characters and their roles has changed. Concepts of gender inequality through examples of fairy tales. Analyze several fairy tales that contain female characters.

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What image do they have? Do these fairy tales misrepresent the nature of women? How do fairy tales spoil the world view of young girls? Why do female heroes rarely appear in superhero movies? In your opinion, has the American society solved these issues entirely? Gender Equality Essay Ideas: Workplace and Employment Dress code in the workplace: Does it help to solve the problem of gender inequality, or is it a detriment?

What kind of jobs are traditionally associated with men and women? How have these associations changed in the last 50 years? New technology further extended the borders of the war. Air power made it possible to launch attacks against civilian populations at some distance from traditional frontlines, and U-boats sank passenger ships , such as the Lusitania in , that were loaded with men, women, and children crossing the Atlantic.

In addition, albeit with less novelty, invading armies ended up occupying swathes of territory. Civilian women and men in Belgium, the north and east of France, Serbia, and parts of the Russian empire among other locales came under the control of occupying powers. Men, women, and the state Even where women did not live with such daily reminders of war, states and agents of civil society invested considerable energy in trying to connect women who were not near war zones with the front lines via propaganda. Did assumptions about gender roles alter during the war?

Despite the upheavals that affected many women and men, basic ideas about gender remained fairly consistent throughout the war. Warring states defined the essence of male service to the nation as combat. Even those men too young or old or ill to wield arms were expected to support the war, and some men in key industries were required to stay at their jobs in order to ensure the output of basic supplies. Most nations also called upon and celebrated women as mothers, the representative of family life and domesticity.

However, they were also celebrated for their quiet heroism in keeping the home intact whilst their men were absent. Images 'Oh, Canada! As was the case with all societal expectations about gender roles, individuals could take on or reject these assumptions. Some women publicly embraced new access to traditionally male occupations and had no wish to relinquish them when the war was over.

Others faced economic, physical and psychological challenges that could make them eager for a return to pre-war conditions.

Some men found meaning in their military service and sacrifices; others found themselves traumatised by the carnage unleashed by modern weaponry. Millions of men faced devastating injuries from poison gas, machine gun fire, and powerful artillery shells. Dissent from gender norms was perhaps more easily tolerated for women as they took on roles that had previously been the work of men in munitions factories for example. Male dissent from gender norms was not so readily accepted.

While pacifist or antimilitarist actions by women could be understood, if not excused, as stemming from expectations that women desired peace above all, similar expressions by men, such as their taking on the new role of the conscientious objector in Britain, could call into question their very masculinity. Women's war work in maintaining the industries of the United Kingdon Publication detailing the work carried out by British women on the home front. The legacy of the war and assumptions about gender roles Because the war destroyed so many lives and reshaped the international political order, it is understandable to view it as a catalyst for enormous changes in all aspects of life, including ideas about gender and the behaviour of women and men.

The messy reality of the lives of individual men and women is much harder to generalise about. There were visible changes in European politics, society, and culture but also a certain degree of continuity.

Most notably, the aftermath of the war witnessed women gaining voting rights in many nations for the first time.