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The Beast, The Lord Of The Flies – Essay

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Lord of the Flies by William Golding, the Use of Symbolism. English Literature Essay

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The boys explore the island. Rising Action Another assembly is had and they talk about the need for hunters. One of the smaller boys, says he fears a horrid beast that he saw in the vast jungle.

Ralph makes an executive decision and convinces everyone that they need a signal fire to aid in their being rescued. Their fears of the terrifying beast grow worse when the twins, Sam and Eric, see the beast once again. This is when Simon takes into affect his method of thinking, suggesting that the beast is not a physical beast but a beast in their heads, a figment of their imagination..

Upon returning they were convinced, there was a beast on their island. He then leaves, inviting the other boys to follow him. In spite of their growing terror, Jack leads his newly found tribe of hunters into the jungle for the slaying of another pig. He places its head on a stake, as an offering to the unknown beast. A great storm builds over the island, and Simon starts back to where the other boys are.

Lord of the Flies Thesis Statements and Essay Topics

As he stumbles through the jungle, he discovers the beast that the twins thought they saw. It was a dead man who had parachuted from the sky and had gotten caught on the rocks. Terrified and sickened by the sight, he then starts off to tell the others there is no beast. Ralph and Jack begin to dispute over who should be the leader. Instead of fighting, Jack suggests they do their pig-killing dance. Cut his throat! Spill his blood! Piggy and Ralph join the circle to dance with the others as the storm continues to gather force.

When Simon returns, the boys have ceased to be boys playing a game and have become a dangerous mob. They attack Simon, calling him the beast and killing him with their hunting sticks.

Lord of the Flies Essays

Only then does the storm finally break and the rain begin to fall. During the night the tide carries the dead boy out to sea. Nearly blind without his glasses, Piggy decides that he and Ralph can do nothing but ask Jack to give them back. Sam and Eric, the only others who have remained with Ralph, go along.

They take the conch with them. The fight that has been building between Jack and Ralph over who should be leader finally breaks out.

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