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Eyes of Revenge: The Count of Monte Cristo Essay

Sometimes it takes going through that dark place or a supreme grief to know and achieve ultimate happiness and bliss. This gives you the hope to keep pushing through, knowing that one day you will find, know, achieve, and experience a blissful and auspicious life. How could you know you are euphoric if you have never experienced misery and despair? Once you experience that rock bottom, there is a great amount of hope, because it can only get better from there.

Edmond Dantes kept hope, persevered, and made it out. Downloading text is forbidden on this website. You can get this essay on your email. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Furthermore, when she finally meets Edmond as the Count of Monte Cristo and recognizes him for who he really is, the only man she loves, he feels hurt, betrayed and angry that she married Fernand and initially wants nothing to do with her, not grasping the full picture and reason why she had to marry.

by Alexandre Dumas

The level of emotional pain that Mercedes endures also shows that she is willing to pay the price of love even though it is agonizingly high. Once again, this is similar to the suffering of Jesus Christ, who was willing to die on the cross because of his love for and wish to save the sinners of the world.

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When she finally meets Edmond as the Count of Monte Cristo after countless years of believing him to be dead, Mercedes recognizes him instantly although he has gone through a remarkable physical transformation since seeing her for the last time. In the many years that followed, Mercedes never took this string off even though, as a Countess, she had countless beautiful, pricy and exquisite rings to choose from. This string is representative of her undying love for Edmond, which triumphed even over death, as it had stayed strong and passionate even when she believed Edmond to be dead.

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Even though Mercedes was told that Edmond was executed for treason, she was the sole person who recognized him for who he truly was, and in this way, she continued to believe in Edmond even when logical sense told her that this was impossible and that he was dead. Another important role that Mercedes plays in the story is the source of redemption, truth and ultimate liberation from the bonds of wrongful desires, and this, of course, relates to God and his identity as the Way, the Truth and the Light.

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After she gives this little speech of truth, Edmond realizes that she is right and, in the morning that follows, invites her and her son to join him as he leaves the country and his want for revenge behind. In this way, Mercedes transforms Edmond from a man bent on revenge to a man who sees the virtue of forgiveness.

The ingenious plot involves concealment and revelation, use of poisonous herbs, and all manner of other things.

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Beyond the exciting narrative, Dumas focused on the corrupt financial, political, and judicial world of France at the time of the Bourbon Restoration as well as on the marginal figures, such as convicts, who inhabited it. Unfolding gradually, The Count of Monte Cristo offers an unusual reflection on happiness and justice , omnipotence, and the sometimes fatal haunting return of the past.

The Count of Monte Cristo , originally published serially, enthralled its readers, and Dumas adapted it for the stage shortly after its publication as a book.

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