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Junior's family is more supportive than Rowdy's. Rowdy's father, though, beats him regularly. What finally prompts Penelope to become friends with Junior? How can Junior relate to her in a way that nobody else does? Junior overhears Penelope throwing up in the bathroom. When she tries to boast about her eating disorder, Junior sees a parallel to the way his own father jokes about his alcoholism.

The true diary of a part time indian essay

Unlike many of the other Reardan kids, Junior knows a lot about addiction and self-harm because he has seen it firsthand. This connection is ultimately ironic - Penelope initially rejects Junior because he is from the reservation; yet it is his unique experiences from growing up on the reservation that eventually forge a bond between them. What is the significance of Mary's nickname? How does the meaning evolve throughout the novel? At first, Junior calls his sister "Mary Runs Away" because she is so "crazy and random" After high school, where she was a promising student with aspirations to become a novelist, Mary "ran away" from life and retreated to her parents' basement.

For several years after graduating, Mary spends 23 hours a day in the basement. However, Mary is inspired to change her life once Junior transfers to Reardan.

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She then runs away from the reservation altogether by marrying a man she barely knows and relocating to Montana. Therefore, "Mary Runs Away" transforms from a girl who is afraid of chasing her dreams to a girl who is willing to leave everything behind in order to pursue her true happiness. Basketball plays an important role in both Junior and Rowdy's lives. For Junior, basketball and his coach gives him hope and improves his self-esteem after he transfers to Reardan.

At first, he feels completely alienated from his new classmates, but he gains their respect with his determination and focus on the basketball court. On the reservation, Rowdy is the basketball star; it the only arena in which he excels. Throughout the novel, Rowdy and Junior communicate through basketball, especially because Rowdy has trouble talking about his feelings.

How does Arnold Spirit, Jr. The award-winning novel provides the opportunity for students to analyze character growth through hip but profound text and comic illustrations. Introduce students to the book by projecting the drawing from page 57 on a whiteboard or screen. The left side of the drawing shows the white kids that Arnold meets at a white school; the right side of the drawing shows himself as the Indian kid from the reservation. Both sides of the drawing are exaggerated stereotypes of both kinds of students.

Ask students to compare parts of the drawing and react to what they see. Is the author being humorous or serious, or both? What does he mean by the following descriptions?

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Do students agree with the comments? Discuss with students the title and cover of the book. Prompt them with these questions: What do the two figures on the cover depict? What does the word diary tell you about how the story is told? What might the title mean? Tell students that the author uses well-chosen words to describe the characters and situations in the book. These words precisely express how a character feels or acts and helps to explain the nature of a situation.

Accurate adjectives can also describe something with irony. The vocabulary list contains some of these accurate adjectives from the book.

Ask students to look for clues in the text to figure out word meanings or to check dictionary definitions. Support them in understanding the use of irony in the text. Ask them to write down the definitions of the words as they read them in the book.

How to Embrace Two Mentalities: S. Alexie’s the Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Ask students to refer to the definitions they wrote on their vocabulary cards to answer the following questions. Ask students to ask and answer more questions about the vocabulary words, applying them to the novel or to their own lives. Read aloud the first two pages of the book, asking students to follow along.

Then ask them these questions: What do you know about the narrator so far? Where do you think he lives?

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What is his attitude toward being Indian and how Indians are treated? What is his attitude toward himself? Assign students to read the book independently. Remind them to keep the big question in mind as they read and use sticky notes to write down important things that Arnold learns throughout the book.

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Ask students to think about this question as they read and be ready to answer it when they have finished the book. Write the question on chart paper or have students write it in their reading journals. What was the most important thing Arnold learned by the end of the book? Help students identify how the author expresses this character change through key dialogue in the book.

Remind students that a reader can get to know a character by paying attention to how he speaks, thinks, and acts.

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Project the page on a whiteboard or screen and pass out copies to students. The first quote is from page The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Themes The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Themes - barcott of the new york times said of the novel in a review, "for 15 years now, sherman alexie has explored the struggle to survive between the grinding plates of the indian and white worlds. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Theme of Identity [5] the novel has 65 comic illustrations by forney, which sometimes act as punchlines while also revealing junior's character and furthering the plot.

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  • Diary of a part time indian theme essay-The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Themes - The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Essay Bartleby [2] like arnold, alexie also became the star player of reardan's basketball team, and was the only indian on the team besides the school's team mascot.