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Executive discusses future roles of appraisers, advanced technology. Why the heck should I care what is written in Old Testament or in Quran for this matter? I am talking about practical security measures. An to discuss efficient, practical security measures one needs to state the operational problem correctly, and not dig into Old Testament or irrelevant history or cloud the problem by PC language.

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Now the operational problem I am stating is crystal clear: Islamist terrorists getting into US by commercial flights with a visa in their pocket. ALL of them admitted to US with a valid visa on a commercial flight. That's why your post is irrelevant, and so is Mr. I posit that this will be an expensive way of being ineffective. Spending millions to reduce that by a tiny amount seems a large waste of money. This is the flaw with the mindset that terrorist groups are organised nation-state type entities who can be engaged. They arent. If we are going down the rabbit hole of slightly insane extreme measures to minimise the low risk of a terrorist attack then the main one I'd suggest is criminalising those who promote the fear aspects of terrorism.

So, people who constantly scream about how dangerous terrorists are be it media pundits, politicians or trolls on the internet can be prosecuted and imprisoned for their efforts to undermine society in a war against the faceless bogeyman under the bed. Terrorists can mount an attack which, in some instances can kill thousands of people. However the real impact is the idiots who spread the message of fear and scare millions.

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My post deals withoperational counter-terrorist security in America, not an inter-faith strife between some god-forsaken monasteries in Asia. There is NO Buddhist terrorism in America, full stop. So cut the PC. I am not a Yankee. Cut the personal attacks and talk about the relevant issues, if your cognitive horizons allow you this luxury.

You are throwing empty statements which you leave totally unsubstantiated, plus you are labeling the opponent when you do not have any valid arguments to present. There may be no Buddhist terrorism in America, but there is also very little Islamic terrorism. If you're really interested in making America safe, spend money on anti-slip bath mats. Dollar for dollar that will be way more effective, in terms of casualties, than invading Syria to kill purported IS supporters. And that's even before tackling traffic, obesity, or guns, which are the real killers today.

There are many people that can enter the US without a visa at any time at any point of entry via any means of transportation from footfall upwards though not yet by rocket from space but that almost certainly will happen at some point.

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Their religion is not questioned, nor for that matter their life ambitions etc, I'm guessing you have never seen or read the green entry card you used to fill in and it's questions. Thus what you propose would not work, and in fact would be extremely harmful to the US economy, far more so than I suspect you could imagine. The root of terrorism is as old as man himself, and it is to do with personal power and the control of resources. It is those weak of mind that get radicalised to become suicide activists, generally they are lifes failures and get recruited by having their ego stroked.

When you follow it back you discover money power and psychopathic behavioir. Religion is about mind control of the masses and was the earliest form of political control and it goes hand in hand with the king game which gives "divine right". Some of the earliest forms of terrorism can be seen in history as "Water Rights Wars", the current form is "Energy Rights Wars", and if you look carefully you can see the next will be "Resourse Rights Wars" which it appears China is muscling up to start.

You realy need to get it into your head that the current crop of terrorism is realy just a diversionary tactic that the likes of the Western WASP nations keep falling for. In part because it suits the politicians and those involved with building the various weapons of death, destruction and oppression used for the "security" which covers political interest in resources.

At the end of the day terrorism was originaly the state opressing the citizens through fear. Over time this became democratized and anybody could oppress and scare citizens for political gain, all they needed were "force multipliers" and the mentality to use them.

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Force multipliers are a fact of life, as are those with psychopathic behaviours, thus terrorism will be a feature of mankind for his entire future. Religion, race, ideology are just the political window dressing to appear to have legitimate authority, to which authoritarian followers gladly kowtow to for their piece of the action. Not understanding this means that people make the mistake of focusing on the window dressing for solutions.

It won't work, but whilst, people try there will be others more worldly wise capitalising on it at the expense of the ordinary citizen who just want's to get on with life in what most would consider a normal way of life, and who's only claim on immortality is through their children.

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  • Maybe you could ask everyone if they are a Muslim terrorist before they fly? Terrorists are renowned for their honesty after all. Ban all flights from predominantly Muslim countries? Shame about the non Muslims, but a small price to pay right? And there's no way a terrorist would ever travel to a non Muslim country before flying on to the US. Ban anyone who comes from a predominantly Muslim country? Of course, there are radical Muslims in countries which are not predominantly Muslim. I guess you'll have to ban everyone. But let's say you succeed.

    There's absolutely no way that what you suggest would radicalise American Muslims. But I guess you could force them to wear some kind of star or something to mark them out. Maybe round them all up, and put them in special camps, for their own safety of course. Speaking as someone who has actually been trapped in a building while a terrorist bomb was defused, it saddens me to see how quickly you give up on the values our parents and grandparents fought so hard for.