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A doctorate is a catch-all term, standing for the highest-attainable degree in a given discipline. The Ph. Despite the language in the title, a Ph. On the contrary, "Doctor of Philosophy" simply means that the person has achieved the highest-possible degree in his course of study in the humanities.

These are, generally speaking, degrees that are less directed at research and philosophy of the discipline and are earned mostly toward a professional end. These doctorates are still formidable and still indicate a tremendous amount of study and work on the part of the degree holder.

Doctoral Studies

The difference is that the goal is applying the study to a particular profession rather than conducting research with the end goal of scholarship. There are other varieties of doctorate degrees. One of the most familiar is the M. This is the medical doctorate degree. It means that the individual has attained the highest level of education in the field of medicine. A Psy. S is a doctorate degree in the field of dentistry, as is a D. There are numerous other doctorate degrees that are not Ph.

Likewise, the difference between an LLD and a Ph. Tech degree is a doctorate degree in the field of technology. A doctoral student can be defined as anybody currently pursuing a doctorate degree in any field of study. This generally means that the person is pursuing a Ph.

In the case of medical students, it usually means that the student is currently enrolled in medical school or is completing her residency. Anyone who is currently in a program that will result in holding a Ph.

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Doctoral studies are different from study for a master's degree or bachelor's degree. During a period of undergraduate study, the student generally spends his time in seminars and lectures, reading and researching and often writing papers or completing projects pertaining to his coursework. At the master's level, the curriculum is much the same, although the coursework may be replaced with fieldwork in certain cases, and there is a greater emphasis on students conducting their own research.

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There may be more in the way of papers, presentations and projects versus the tests and lectures that characterize undergraduate work. However, when students are pursuing a Ph. This means that they don't attend as many lectures or seminars on their subject but instead spend most of their time researching their own independent projects, teaching undergraduate courses and generally helping to further their field of scholarship. The culmination of a Ph.

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This project must be defensible to a committee of professors who are expecting that the student has contributed something valuable and new to the field of scholarship. It's a common misconception that having a doctorate means you are a doctor. In some contexts this is true, but in others, it can be confusing. Colloquially, in the United States, the word "doctor" is typically understood to mean a physician. A physician is a medical doctor who has earned her M.

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Be sure to participate in the great career and professional development events and resources at UCLA. Some programs require you to present your dissertation to your doctoral committee in a time-honored event called the final oral examination or final defense. You will complete an approved doctoral dissertation that demonstrates your ability to perform original, independent research and constitutes a distinct contribution to knowledge in your principal field of study.

Doctoral Degrees are awarded four times a year, and are integrated into a single commencement—called the Doctoral Hooding Ceremony—held once each year at the beginning of June. Once you graduate, our support continues. Dissertation Submission Process. In content, the dissertation should therefore be a distinctly original contribution in the selected field of study.

In form, it must show the mastery of written English which is expected of a university graduate.

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The requirements for the EngScD degree must be completed in no more than seven years. The seven-year time period begins at the time the student becomes a candidate for the EngScD degree and extends to the date on which the dissertation defense is held.

Admission Requirements

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Undergraduate Programs. Coursework Requirements Doctoral candidates must complete a minimum of 30 credits of coursework during their studies. Qualifying Exam At the end of the second year, doctoral candidates will take the qualifying exam, which will consist of a written research proposal and an oral research presentation to a committee of three faculty members.

Dissertation Doctoral candidates must write a dissertation embodying original research under the sponsorship of the faculty adviser.