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Cunningham, Kenneth David.

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Petrology and petrography of Permian volcanogenic and carbonate rocks near Las Delicias, Coahuila, Mexico. Dahl, David Alvin. Dakshinamurthy, Lavanya. Quantifying the impact of impoundment on sediment transport in lower Trinity River, Texas. Daum, Keith A. The uptake and distribution of cesium in Corbicula fluminea. De Wilde, Daniel Nicholas. Genetic and molecular analyses of UV radiation-induced mutations in Caenorhabditis elegans. DeCell, Susan M. Forest stand dynamics based on slope and aspect of an upland pine forest at Bastrop State Park, Bastrop, Texas. Dees, Deborah Ann.

Dennie, Devin Paul. Devery, Dora Maria. Morphologic changes in synthetic Mg-calcites. Devery, Justin V. Sedimentary petrology of the upper Paleozoic carbonates near Bavispe, Sonora, Mexico. Dirlam-Hendriks, Debra Ann. Donaldson, Sara Elizabeth. Research for a case study on the effects of ecotourism in developing countries: a view of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, without rose-colored glasses. Donovan, Matthew Allan. Drake, Steve Allen. Edwards, Charles Michael. An evaluation of mark-recapture and electrofishing CPUE-based models as techniques to estimate densities of largemouth bass in ponds.

El-Atrash, Mohamed Elmahdi. Ellinghausen, Robert Henry. An atypical fusuline fauna from the Lenoxhills formation, Glass Mountains, Texas. Enis, Hunter. Evans, Leslie Paul.

Salinity tolerance of Corbicula fluminea and Polymesoda caroliniana. Fairbanks, Josh Richard. Falzarano, Donna Mathis. Phosphate transactions in Amblema perplicata Bivalvia: unionidae using radioactive phosphorus P Felch, Roger Neyhart. Three-dimensional gravity model of basin structure, Yucca Flat, Nevada. Flippin, Jerel Wayne. An evaluation of the stratigraphy, structure, and economic aspects of the Paleozoic strata in Erath County, north-central Texas.

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Fouch-Flores, Donna Lynn. Regional uranium resource evaluation using Landsat imagery and N. Franchek, Richard J. Frank, Kevin James.

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Detecting vegetation changes over time and deforestation in a northeast portion of the Texas Piney Woods using GIS and remote sensing techniques. Gibson, Carlton, Jr. Gilliland, John Dale. Griffin, Andree French. Guckenberger, Kirk Randall. Gape-limited piscivory and its effects on prey fish assemblages. Haney, Bryon Mark. Hargrove, Ulysses Shelby,. Geochronology, structure, and metamorphism of part of the Pan-African Zambezi orogenic belt, Mount Darwin area, northeast Zimbabwe.

Harral, Frederick Sherrod,. Harvard, Paul Odom. Time-rock correlations and biofacies of the lower cretaceous "Edwards" limestone, South Central Texas.

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Hawkins, Connie M. Microfacies of the paleozoic rocks near Placer de Guadalupe, Chihuahua, Mexico. Hayes, Sharon Ann. Henk, Floyd Bo H. Herndon, William Hyde. Holcomb, Richard Alfred. Conodont biostratigraphy of Paleozoic carbonates near Bavispe, Sonoro, Mexico. Holland, Richard. Horton, Franklin R. Ivey, Marvin Lee. The geologic history of the Swan Islands, Honduras.

Ivy, David. The biostratigraphy and paleoecology of the Permian strata exposed near Las Delicias, southwestern Coahuila, Mexico. Jackson, Dan Herman. Jadeja, Mahipalsinh R. Jenkins, Dennis Dee. Johnson, J. Spatial and temporal variability in soil moisture content as a control on runoff generation in a hillslope hollow in Parker County, Texas. Johnson, Nancy Elizabeth Janda. Jones, Jon Raymond. An experimental investigation of the basking behavior and physiology of the Malagasy panther chameleon, Chamaeleo pardalis. Jones, Steven Matthew. Effects of paint marking on the mortality rate of Sceloporus undulatus.

Jurgensen, Timothy A. Effects of short-term atrazine exposure on attached algal communities in a small stream. Jusczuk, Steven John. Kelly, Lucille Mainland.

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Effect of marl encrustation on ash and trace metal content of selected vascular hydrophytes. Kirkland, Rodney. Spot data mapping of lineaments and spring analysis in the Rosillos Mountains, Brewster County, Texas. Knapp, Kevin Richard. Using remote sensing and a geographic information system to determine groundwater movement within a portion of the Slick Hills, Oklahoma. Knights, William Jay. Koesters, Donna Baird.

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Structural and hydrocarbon analysis of the Central Cascade Range, Washington. Koroma, Alie Patrick. Krueger, Heidi Renee. Kuehn, William Jackson. Kulow, Matthew John. Land, David M. Geologic prospecting in the Val Verde Basin by the integration of Landsat, magnetics, gravity, and subsurface geology. Lary, Brenda Brants. Lees, Michael A.