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Some of those growth spurts likely occurred when you had a new job opportunity or perhaps when you dealt with a crisis or other significant challenge. Through developmental assignments, you can shape your work and life experiences in ways that will expand your leadership knowledge and skills.

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Developmental assignments are roles and activities that provide opportunities for you to stretch and grow as a leader. These assignments allow leaders to intentionally develop new skills, practice new behaviors, and improve on weaknesses. While the benefits of stretch assignments are obvious, few organizations exploit this leadership development opportunity to the fullest due to a variety of challenges. While scalability and leadership support are among those roadblocks, the largest challenge appears to be simply connecting leadership candidates with opportunities.

As many have experienced, it can be an onerous enough task to simply manage the opportunities available without adding the complexity of matching those opportunities to the leadership candidates. Many of our clients have had success with shifting the responsibility for identifying and selecting the opportunities to the candidates themselves. The advantages to having candidates drive this process includes:. It is impossible to overestimate the potential of the right Stretch Assignment to contribute to the development of your leadership candidates.

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However, to ensure that potential is realized, any development opportunity including stretch assignments should be linked to specific competency improvements. Defining the expected outcome before beginning a stretch assignment will serve as a way of qualifying opportunities and make it easier to measure the impact on the candidate and the organization. I designed the course four years ago with a group of dedicated English teachers based on the idea of Genius Hour made famous by Google.

The idea is you give kids a dedicated amount of time in English to work on their passion. It can be mostly anything because everything can be English, right? For example, a student wants to design a fishing net that would help protect an ecosystem from overfishing.

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How is this English? She has to read the research, analyze, synthesize facts, think, interview, and present. Yes, she had to write a research paper, too. Students in English 12b spend the first three weeks of the term with me doing traditional English things, such as reading Outliers , analyzing TedTalks and articles, researching, presenting, writing annotated bibliographies and synthesizing sources using templates from They Say, I Say.

What sets it apart though is that it is all preparation for their project. They must develop a robust project of passion. They must find something they care enough about to spend the rest of the term invested in, and it must benefit others. You need to care about your project for you to want to work on it, and you need to work on it a lot to make it good. Choice can be a daunting task for kids. Some kids come in with a topic ready to go, others have a few they want to pitch, and some come in without any idea.

They become my focus. I need to sit down with kids to lessen their anxiety about this process. Used to being told what to do, they look terrified to make a commitment to a topic for nine weeks.

Do my assignments on personal leadership

They will be graduating in weeks, and everyone is asking them which college they are going to, what are they going to do with their lives, and what are they going to major in? This is their new reality, and they are unprepared because they have never been asked to think for themselves about such vital decisions. The second adulting moment is that the class is blended. Students do not need to come to my class every day. If their parent agrees, we can develop a schedule of times to come.

The list is endless. Parents sign waivers and I monitor their activities through work logs and online check-ins. Suffice it to say that blended always sounds great to kids until they realize they have to time manage and adult:. Kids love the freedom of blended and will do whatever it takes to keep that B in the class. Kids that previously had lower grades raise them to be able to have blended days. Ultimately, the process is rewarding for my seniors. They learn how ready they are for the next step in their lives.

Many parents are happy their child had this experience for the first time with the safety net of a high school teacher and while they lived at home. Most kids are surprised at their ability to tackle these assignments with new freedom and feel ready to take on the next steps, while others have a healthy dose of adulting and some of what it holds. I am an educator and recovering homophobe. As such, I seek to help foster a school community where homophobia no longer exists and safe and inclusive spaces are the norm for every student.

The research is incontrovertible. The suicide rate for adolescents who are transgender is up to four times that of cisgender peers. I have been a part of this work at both the classroom and policy level. This document provides information and resources to schools to ensure that they support students who are the most vulnerable in ways that range from allowing students to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity to referring to kids by their preferred name and pronouns.

There is a sign hanging outside my door that declares my classroom to be a safe space for all people. I emphasized this principle on the first day of school by reading the book I Am Jazz aloud to my students. The story chronicles the life and transition of Jazz, a transgender girl. This ethos is embodied in our classroom library.

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It is a critically important resource and contains hundreds of titles from multiple genres. Every year, my students and I co-create the categories for the library. I knew I needed my students to understand and own the creation of this genre so they would own and utilize it. I began by asking them to consider groups of people who have been treated unfairly in our country just because of who they are. They created an exhaustive list which contained every marginalized group imaginable.

They all raised their hand. I asked my students to work together with a partner and do a book pass, where they examine the book and read as much of it as they can for three minutes. Our students, all of them, deserve access to these stories. Rick Joseph was named Michigan Teacher of the Year in This piece is roughly a year in the making. I was at a bar with my brother, a guy who barely graduated high school but has become very successful with high-end custom electronic installations. He was lamenting how worthless his high school English classes were—well really almost all of his high school classes he loves to try to push my buttons—especially after a few Jack and Cokes.

So, I let him say his piece, which mostly revolved around the fact that none of the reading or writing assignments he did had any impact on the sort of reading and writing he does today.

I was more diligent about the writing I did, and so I kept them in three columns based on frequency, as you will see in the chart below. So, here are my personal reflections of this year-long record keeping and what it could should? Short, informal writing is the primary means of communication. Be it texts, tweets and I am not on Facebook or Snapchat or Instagram—but I imagine one could include these in the list , or short emails, we are a society, for better or worse, who communicates in short bits.

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It is important that we value and teach this. It is a skill that is needed, but are they getting it or just reinforcing bad habits?

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This is not a shock to anyone out there; I get that. But in thinking about the types of writing I did over the course of the year, each one was so deeply tailored to the audience. However, even within that microgenre, audience matters a ton. When I send this type of email to a fellow department chair, it is vastly different than sending one to one of my teachers, which is different than sending one to my principal, which is different than sending one to my superintendent.

So, we must continue to push to give students writing tasks that force them to, at a minimum, think about, but ideally authentically navigate the nuances of the audience.

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Schools need to ensure a more robust and varied reading experience is presented to all students. All teachers, regardless of discipline, should be having students write. That means that all teachers in all classes can help students develop the bigger picture, post-high school writing skills needed. Teachers of all disciplines must think about ways of getting their students writing both in discipline-specific ways but also in some of the ways that invade our lives daily and are void of discipline.

So, I hope that you will not only consider these suggestions but also tracking your own reading and writing for a year or even a few months , and then take some time to reflect upon that and what it means to you and YOUR classroom. CEL is always such a re-energizing experience for me, and coming on the heels of a nonstop schedule at NCTE, it was so nice to connect with old friends and welcome new ones. I think one of the most fulfilling experiences I had this year was being told by Kellie Thompson that she submitted a proposal to present and then attended this year because she was invited by members of the CEL Executive Committee in She is now a state liaison, and she presented a workshop on Culturally Responsive Teaching.

This is the first convention since that I have attended with teachers from my home district.