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To what extent do ethical considerations constrain the way the arts are created? To what extent do ethical considerations limit natural science experimentation and research? What sort of real life situations can be drawn on? There are many ready-made examples for the natural sciences. For the arts, it is perhaps not so straightforward, but there are still lots of examples of ethically questionable works of art. In terms of counterclaims, it is the arts that are better served by real life situations, with plenty of pieces produced in order to tackle and produce ethical judgements.

Theory of Knowledge: ToK Prescribed Essay Titles (May ): Question 3

But here, too, you should be able to find scientific knowledge that has been discovered in order to solve ethical problems. What are the difficulties and challenges of this question? The question is perhaps a little confusingly worded, but it is clear in terms of the areas of knowledge to be tackled.

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Including personal examples will be trickier in this question than finding outside examples. The question is a broad one, and allows students to focus on their own choice of WOKs. The question asks students to consider the way in which WOKs are used to provide us with knowledge.

The quote suggests that if we view WOKs in too narrow and homogenous a way, it could limit the amount and type of knowledge we are able to acquire. Given that this is a question for the curriculum, its focus are the four ways of knowing emotion, language, reason, sense perception.

A quick look at the new curriculum will provide new possibilities for this, and perhaps provide a key to approaching the question considering the validity of faith, imagination, intuition, memory. Are the four ways of knowing the only means of acquiring knowledge? Do we acquire knowledge only through the ways of knowing, or can it be acquired via the areas of knowledge? Given how broad the question potentially is, there is a large range of real life situations that can be drawn on.

US IB Theory of Knowledge: TOK Essay

The quote is a lovely one, and it could lead on to some interesting knowledge issue discussion. Responses have to narrow down specific examples of how the ways of knowing can sometimes impeded our pursuit of knowledge if we do not apply them in an imaginative way.

follow site This is another broad question, although unlike title no. Given this, it would make sense to focus on two distinct AOKs, such as ethics and natural sciences, or the arts and history. The question asks students to consider the nature of knowledge within their two chosen AOKs. To what extent does ethical knowledge involve the consideration of factual information? Real life situations can be taken easily from personal experiences related to the AOKs chosen, so students can think about the level of the understanding they have built up by dealing with systemized facts.

Given that the essay is clear about its scope, this question is probably easier to approach than question 2. Similar to question 3, this title asks students to consider two AOKs. The question lends itself to AOKs that offer more objective, yet regularly updated, knowledge, such as history, the human sciences, and the natural sciences.

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Ethics also ties in very well, and could link up very nicely with history. The question is referring to the extent to which knowledge is subject to review and revisionism over time. Thus, although we may believe we possess objective facts, from a different perspective gained by progress, such facts become re-interpreted in the light of new evidence, discoveries, technology, or societal trends.

In short, the question is asking students the extent to which knowledge is provisional. Always justify your statements and provide relevant examples to illustrate your arguments. Pay attention to the implications of your arguments, and remember to consider what can be said against them.

Note that statements in quotations in these titles are not necessarily authentic: they present a real point of view but may not be direct quotes. It is appropriate to analyse them but it is unnecessary, even unwise, to spend time on researching a context for them. Examiners mark essays against the title as set. Respond to the title exactly as given; do not alter it in any way. No comments:.

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