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  5. The Chomsky Reader by Noam Chomsky; edited by James Peck (Pantheon: $22.95; 486 pp.).
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Israel's brutalization of Palestinians through exercises like "mowing the lawn" will persist without a change in U. The short, strange era of human civilization would appear to be drawing to a close.

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With its latest offensive, Israel's objective is simple: to return to the status quo. Putin's takeover of Crimea scares U.

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The U. And for what cause? Officials claim the current state policy is necessary to preserve the public's well-being.

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America's imperial power is on the decline, to the world's benefit. Environmental degradation and the blurring of borders raise a serious question. When we experience terror at home, we must remember the United States's use of terror abroad. On global warming, indigenous peoples and scientists face off against capitalist policymakers. The images of bombardment have left Israel few remaining shreds of credibility.

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The presidential candidates aren't so keen on addressing the survival of humanity. August 6 provides a critical moment to reflect not only on the terrible events of that day, but also on current nuclear threats.

The United States is isolated from Latin American leaders calling for drug reform.