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I'm already subscribed. Policing the Police. Twitter Facebook E-mail Share Comments. Defining Disorder Some policing experts say that Broken Windows is a flawed theory, in part because of the focus on disorder.

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By submitting comments here, you are consenting to these rules: Readers' comments that include profanity, obscenity, personal attacks, harassment, or are defamatory, sexist, racist, violate a third party's right to privacy, or are otherwise inappropriate, will be removed. More Stories. Show more. Support Provided By Learn more. In this case disorder was not directly linked to serious crimes but instead disorder lead to increased fear and withdrawal from residents, which allowed much serious crimes to come about because of the decreased of informal social control.

Police can play a key role in disrupting this process If. In the article Broken Windows, it gives the reader insight on what broken windows stands for and how it plays a role in policing. Broken windows is based on bad behavior or actions in the community. Just like a broken windows it symbolizes nobody cares, which leads to greater fear of crime and a lessens of community bad behavior, which in turn can lead to more serious crimes and greater signs of bad behavior, and it could turn into a repeating the cycle.

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So if police crack down on small offenses — petty vandalism, public lewdness, etc. The Broken Windows theory is not a sound theory.

Broken Windows Essay Words 3 Pages. Kelling and James Q. This car fared somewhat better, remaining untouched for more than a week. Then, Zimbardo hit the car with a sledgehammer and within a few hours, this car also was looted, turned upside down, and destroyed.

To put the broken windows theory to the test, Kelling was hired as a consultant by the New York City Transit Authority.

Does it empower communities or put them under siege?

The subway system was cleaned—specifically targeting graffiti removal. In , William Bratton, an admirer of Kelling, took over the Transit Police and implemented a zero-tolerance for fare-dodging and easier processing of those arrested. A later study of crime trends in New York City showed the rates of both petty and serious crime fell suddenly and significantly after these actions were instituted.

Broken Window Theory

Windows get broken on every project. Also another way getting the churches, community leaders, and merchants together to establish a voucher distribution system as a way of making sure that the panhandlers are actually getting food and clothing. Vouchers would be sold to people in the community and they can give them to the panhandler instead of money. Panhandlers cash these vouchers in at some of the local merchants in exchange for food, no alcohol or tobacco, and clothing.

Knowing this will make the residents interact and give more to the panhandlers. Another circumstance that can benefit from broken windows policing is the dilapidated and vacant homes in the community. These homes can quickly turn into a breeding ground for illegal drug activities, temporary shelter for the homeless, and hideouts for those running from the police. One thing that police officers can do is meet with the residents so that they can voice their opinion about the rundown homes in the community.

At this time they can also seek any suggestions on how to correct the problem.

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The first thing for officers to do is search these homes for squatters and criminal. They should be check to see if they have any warrants.

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  5. If no warrants they are released and asked to leave the house. Those with warrants will be arrested and taken to jail for processing. Next, is a community renovation project.

    Broken windows theory

    By removing these desolate properties can restore the health and safety to the community. It can also increase the value of the other homes in the neighborhood. If the home has an owner they can pay to get the house torn down. If there is no owner or the owner can not pay for a demolition the community has to come together to get the houses demolished. One way the community can do this is by getting a demolition grant for neighborhood stabilization. This way the federal government pays for the demolition of the homes.

    Once the funds have been secured then the next thing is to get an affordable demolition company. The main objective is to get the most out of the grant money, more houses demolished at the cheapest possible cost. After they have a demolition company, the dilapidated homes should be demolished and the land cleared.

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    To help with the beautification of the community the land should be reseeded after the structure has been cleared. Some of the land could be turned into a community garden. The rest could be sold so that more houses could be built on it.

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    The most important thing is that once the houses have been cleared the criminal miscreants will no longer have areas within the community where they can dwell and commit devious acts. Also it gives the residents back a a sense of pride in their community. No longer will they fear walking out of their front door because of the drug activity going on down the street. This one act can change the dynamics of the community from downtrodden and crime infested to viable.

    It lets the deviants know that the residents care for their community.

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