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You got it. Relax and let us easily deal with your homework online. Our professional essay writers will take care of it. Leaving you behind doing 3 more years or so. Especially for this particular major, it's not a great choice in my honest opinion. Mentioning this for anyone who reads this thread in the future.

At 23 years old, I would rather not put myself in debt living in New York City and I have no desire to attend a school with over 20, students, regardless of its rank. Maybe you have never considered that not everyone has the luxury of packing up and moving anywhere - including two of the most expensive cities in America - to pursue a Bachelor's degree.

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I feel you missed the entire point of my post. That same link lays out scholarships, Emory sponsored writing contests, student run journals, prerequisites for creative writing workshops and many other details that give you some insight into the intellectual atmosphere for Emory writers. For my friend in the media studies department they only accepted 40 of her credits meaning she has to make up 88 credits or 6 semesters.

Of course Emory's program is great , its top 5 in the country in that particular major.


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However I do not have any personal experience. I disagree that you would be better served at Tisch and I took grad classes there and hired many recent college grads for NYC publishing jobs. Read their books. Ask admissions to connect you with some current students and professors. Ask them about their workshops.

Are critiques helpful? Are students supportive and constructive? More than any other major, as a creative writing major your peer group will shape your experience and your skills. The only thing you need to do in order to publish is write, write, write. Submit your work often and maybe apply for some summer writing residencies like Breadloaf. You can find contact info for students who work on school publications on the web pages. I know of one current Emory student who published 2 books prior to graduating from high school.

Students typically take this the summer after undergrad and this is truly the best pipeline to jobs but the truth is most of those jobs will be in NYC. But the young woman I am referring to is a current sophomore so evidently there are multiples of crazy talented writers at Emory. It is comforting to see that it continues. Also, attracting those types of students adds a flavor to Emory that would not exist otherwise as so many people are the purest of pre-professionals that stick to a specific comfort zone or goal.

Having the language, visual, and performing arts scene brings some much needed intellectual balance in a visible way Also, nice to see that the English program and the language arts scene is attracting sets of students who are very aware of the quality and reputation of the program. It makes a difference over those who are like: "I'm just at this random elite school majoring in English".